With Zapendo’s eSignature services, you can save hours of work on contracts and agreements so you can secure your clients faster.

Why Zapendo’s eSignature Service Outdoes the Competition

You’re hammering out the legal details of a contract with a client. They requested a lot of changes to the document, none of which you can check. You now have tons of work to do comparing the previous contract and this one to get the contract ready for the client.

Not anymore! With Zapendo’s eSignature services, you can save hours of work on contracts and agreements so you can secure your clients faster.

In this article, we’ll explain how using Zapendo’s eSignature service works and talk about why it’s so much better than the competition.

How Does Zapendo’s eSignature Service Work?

Zapendo is a contract management and electronic signature service that lets you manage contracts, send for eSignatures, and edit contracts whether at the office or on the go.

Within Zapendo’s eSignature services are three features: Track Changes, Sharing, eSignature templates, Smart Forms, and sending for signature. Let’s talk about how each works now.

Track Changes

Going back to the example from the beginning of the article, what exactly do you do when a client makes huge changes to a contract, but you can’t see them? As we talked about, that would require you to pore over both versions of the contract and manually find the differences.

That sounds super time-consuming, right? You’ll end up working a late night.

With Zapendo’s Track Changes feature, you never have to manually compare contracts again. Share a document with your client to track every change that occurs in a contract or document. You’ll also be able to see who made the changes, whether it was someone on your team or on the client’s side.

To use Track Changes, click Templates or Documents, then choose "more" button and click "share". When you share a document, the traceable data will show up on the left side of your screen.

Track Changes are updated in real-time, so even if you have other work on your plate, you can come back to the contract later in the day and instantly see what changed within it.


Does your client renewal system require them to sign contracts with you every year? Rather than prepare new contracts from scratch, you can make templates within Zapendo. Templates reuse documents, fields, and signers, saving you time.

All you have to do is create a document that you want to be the template. When you click the Invite to Sign feature, input the names of your clients as well as their signing order. Include their email addresses as well.

Then, in the Document Name box, name the document. When you click Prepare Signatures, you then choose who the first signer is as well as the subsequent signers.

Finally, click Save to Templates and everything will be saved. Anytime you resign with that client, pull up the template and send away!

Sending for Signature

When both sides agree on the contractual obligations laid out, it’s time to sign. Zapendo makes this part incredibly easy, as you can acquire a signature in seconds.

First, open the template or document that needs a signature. Add the appropriate parties. If you made a document template, then you can assign the order of the signees.

If the document doesn’t already have a name, assign one now in Document Name. Then you simply drag and drop the fields you want into the document, including whether you need the contract to include just a signature or initials. For most paid Zapendo plans, you can add a custom branded message.

Selecta due date for the signature and then press Send. Your client will receive the document and the request for a signature.

Zapendo lets you know when the client opens the contract as well as when it’s signed.You’ll then receive a PDF copy of the signed document via email (as will the client).

Zapendo outshines other names in eSignatures.

Zapendo vs. the Competition – Here Are the Benefits

What else does Zapendo have over the competitors? We’re glad you asked! In this section, we’ll highlight the many ways that Zapendo outshines other names in eSignatures.

Zapendo vs. DocuSign

Although DocuSign has name recognition, Zapendo stands out in a myriad of other ways. In DocuSign, you can’t import a Word document and edit it without formatting changes, but you can in Zapendo.

Besides our awesome Word-compatible editor, Zapendo also offers these features that DocuSign is inconspicuously missing:

·     Versioning

·     Bulk sending

·     Audit trails

·     Document analytics

·     Templates

·     Redlining and collaboration

·     Unlimited eSignatures

Zapendo vs. SignNow

Maybe you were thinking about trying SignNow. Although you can use templates and bulk sending in SignNow, this service still lacks a lot of crucial features you’ll find in Zapendo. For instance, versioning is nowhere to be found in SignNow. That’s also the case for audit trails, document analytics, and redlining.

With Zapendo’s eSignature service, you can save money and use features that Sign Now doesn’t offer even in its most expensive plans.

Zapendo vs. PandaDoc

PandaDoc might sound like a good choice for your eSignature needs, but not compared to Zapendo. You’re paying more to use PandaDoc but foregoing features, which is something that most of Zapendo’s competitors have in common.

For instance, Zapendo includes the Contract Manager, a Word-compatible editor, unlimited eSignatures, unlimited attachments, and unlimited file sizes.

With PandaDoc you’re also missing features like the Word-compatible editor, uploaded formatting matches, document linking, and integrations with services like SharePoint,OneDrive, and Google Docs.

PandaDoc’s custom reports, renewals, unlimited team workspaces, content locking, bulk sending, and forms are all considered premium, high-cost features whereas with Zapendo, these features are standard in the Prime plan (and other plans).

What Are the Other Great Features of Zapendo?

We covered the main eSignature features of Zapendo, but you can use this fantastic service for many other of your document needs! Here’s an overview of included features.  

Reminders and Alerts

You’ll never forget important document-related deadlines again with Zapendo’s handy reminders and alerts. From task due dates to contract renewal deadlines, the reminders appear in your workflow so you can push everything along in a timely manner—simply link a document to a contract or a task.

Custom Workflows

Custom workflows include your tasks, deliverables, and contracts in progress. To make a custom workflow in Zapendo, choose a task or deliverable and hit Edit. Then you can add steps, name your workflow, and add users.

Your workflow can have infinite steps so it’s configured to what your company needs to get done. When you publish the workflow, all new contracts or tasks will go through the steps in the workflow. You can watch the workflow progress as well!

Contract Creation

You don’t only have to use Zapendo to sign contracts in progress. You can make contracts from scratch as well. You can add all pertinent details to the contract, including a description of its contents, its priority, status, term type, and expiration date.

Custom Reports

In Zapendo, it’s simple to track the kind of data that matters most to your company. When you access Reports within the software, you can choose the fields to include and then add filters. Once you narrow down your results, press RunReport.

Your custom report is ready! You can then export your custom report to Microsoft Excel, save it to your reports or dashboard.

Bulk Sending

Does your contract have to go out to several parties in a company? No problem. With bulk sending in Zapendo, you can add everyone to one recipient list. Then you can send them a contract or even request all their signatures. How easy!

Custom Branding

Add a custom message to your contract requests. Upload your company logo to be used in your internal Zapendo account.

Two-Factor Authentication

Put your clients’ minds at ease with two-factor authentication in Zapendo. In your profile, select Multi-Factor Settings, then switch to two-factor authentication. You can customize whether certain organizations have two-factor authentication or whether all your clients do.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started with Zapendo?

Call us to get a custom quote!


Zapendo’s eSignature services are the more affordable and encompassing options compared to PandaDoc and DocuSign. Only in Zapendo can you use features like Word-compatible editing and audit trails. Your company will appreciate saving more time and streamlining contractual obligations with your clients.