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Maintain Your Clients and Save Money with Contract Management Services from Zapendo 

Your company is growing, which is awesome from many standpoints, but not all. For instance, as you’ve acquired more clients, that means you’re juggling more contracts than ever. They don’t all renew at the same time, nor is auto-renewal an option.

You’re now stuck trying to remember the deadlines for dozens of contracts, if not more. Sooner than later, one of those contracts is going to fall through the cracks, leaving you spending more money and possibly alienating–or even losing–your client.

Fortunately, this worst-case scenario is avoidable with Zapendo’s contract management system. 

Let’s talk about how Zapendo’s contract management software can revolutionize how your company handles contracts!

How Does Zapendo’s Contract Management Solutions Work?

A contract management system is a software solution that stores your contracts and can send you automatic alerts about renewals. Without such a system in place, you’re stuck in the scenario from the intro, which is manually managing all your contracts. It becomes too much!

Zapendo’s contract management platform has all the features you need to organize your contracts, determine which ones are up for renewal, and track the content of your contracts. Here’s more information on our contract management platform features.

Custom Workflows

Custom workflow image
"Custom workflow is simple".

Zapendo’s custom workflows allow you to create a contract management workflow that suits your needs. 

Setting up a custom workflow is simple. You select the number of steps–including the names of the steps–and then you can assign users who can access the various steps of the workflow besides you.

Whether you need a simple, three-step workflow to prioritize your contracts or you want to build something that’s more involved, Zapendo makes it possible. To edit and arrange your custom workflow, use drag and drop features. 

That’s right, there’s no need to learn HTML or even more complex coding to make an advanced workflow in our contract automation workflow. You just drag and drop. It couldn’t be easier!

As soon as you publish your custom workflow, it will be usable by those parties you invited. All new contracts that you load into Zapendo after you publish the workflow will go through the custom workflow steps. 

In the Contract Manager, you can review the workflow progress of the contract anytime. 

Alerts and Reminders

"Zapendo’s contract management system will send you alerts of contract expiry".

You juggle way too much work, which can leave contract renewal on the back-burner. 

When it comes to contracts, you can’t afford to be forgetful. Zapendo’s alerts and reminders will keep you on your toes so that no matter how many contracts you have, you can renew them all as they come up. 

Zapendo’s contract management system will send you alerts of contract expiry. You can create alerts to go out to certain members of your team if you know they’re inundated with work so they don’t miss a contract renewal either. 

Reminders of contracts becoming due are also helpful. In Zapendo, you can track notifications and reminders that are open, closed, or pending. If your team already saw a reminder, you can follow up to see if they’ve gotten the contract renewed or edited. 

Contract Creation

Clients don’t always send you contracts. Sometimes, they request that you draw up the terms of the deal and send them a contract. This can leave you scrambling, as you don’t have any contract-making software.

Zapendo’s contract manager includes contract creation from scratch. All you have to do is go into the contract manager, then select “create new item.” You fill in the basic details of the contract such as the description, priority, status, term type, and expiration date. 

Name your contract, save it, and you can send it to other members of your team for internal review. You can also mail the contract straight to the client so you can close the deal sooner. 

Custom Reports

How many contracts did your company close this month? This quarter? What is the value of those contracts?

These are questions that need answering ideally before you start on your year-end reports. Zapendo’s contract management software can produce beautiful, data-rich custom reports that pull together all the metrics you want to review.

In the Reports section of the software, click “Select the fields to include.” You can then search by contract name or related terms, using filters to locate just the info you want. Then click the handy Run Report button.

That’s all it takes! Your report will detail your active and inactive contracts, how much each contract was worth, when it’s up for renewal, or whatever terms you selected in Zapendo’s software. 

The Benefits of Contract Management – Why Your Company Needs a Contract Management Platform

If you’re still not sure whether your company should spring for contract management software, these benefits should convince you. 


As we said earlier, it’s easy enough to manage paper contracts in the early days of your company when you have maybe three clients. As your company’s number of clients grows first into the dozens, then the hundreds, managing paper contracts is infeasible. 

Zapendo’s contract management solutions are scalable. If your company only has 100 contracts now, someday you’ll have 500, then 1,000. Our software can handle contracts as you need them so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Prevents Missed Contract Renewals

This next benefit goes back to what we talked about earlier. When you miss contract renewal, you usually have to pay for it, quite literally. What’s worse is that your client or vendor could lose faith in you and even decide to stop working with you over the contract mishap.

Automatic alerts and reminders sent straight to you from Zapendo will make it impossible to miss a contract renewal no matter how many active contracts you have. 

Faster Contract Approvals

Paper contracts just don’t travel fast enough. The number of hands the contract can pass through is ridiculous. Digital contracts through Zapendo move so much faster. 

As soon as you finalize the terms of the contract with your team, you can send it straight to the client. Zapendo will notify you when the client opens the contract. Our software also tracks changes made to the contract so if the client adds new terms or takes away passages, you’ll know.

When contracts can pass back and forth to each party faster, you can get both signatures on the contract sooner. Zapendo’s eSignature services make signing off on a contract quick and simple too!

Convenient for Audits 

Financial audits are part of owning a business. The more organized your files, and especially your contracts, the easier it will be to gather all the necessary information for your next company audit. That’s yet another great reason to choose Zapendo! 

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Zapendo’s contract management services will prevent forgotten contract renewals and unhappy clients. You can create custom contract workflows, build contracts from scratch, and send notifications and alerts to stay current on contractually related tasks.